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Updated File for Doll Clothes Pattern 1801

american girl doll clothes tank top
Doll Clothes Tank Top
View 4 in pattern 1801 Knitfit Lucy - A Collection of Basic Knit Tops

Doll clothes collection of knit tops for American Girl Dolls
View 1 of 1801 Knitfit Lucy - A Collections of Basic Knit Tops
Essential for all doll clothes wardrobes

The update is done!
I have reworked all the samples and made improvements to the pattern pieces and the instruction format.

valspierssews doll clothes
Photo tutorial, Vector drawn patterns, pictorial tutorial for printing.

New Pictorial Tutorial!

I love lots of information, lots of pictures or photos and lots of open space. Not everyone loves this so I have included a Pictorial Tutorial with line drawings of the sewing steps with just enough text to explain.

It is printer friendly and only 5 pages. 

Improved Pattern Pieces

  • Cutting lines for Slim Fit and Relaxed Fit
  • Cutting lines for the Waistline, High Waistline, Short, Mid and Longer line hems
  • Improved collar and ribbing fit.
I have also worked on the photo tutorial steps to make the format easier to follow. I have included lots of ideas for variations as well as links to existing Fashion Files.

doll clothes pattern variation
Baby doll dress variation on the crop top

This pattern is great value. All 4 views seem to be available as separate patterns by other designers at a cost for each pattern. I found that it was easy to add some extra lines to the basic pattern pieces in order to make the skivvy, the t-shirt, the crop top and the tank top. 

But these are just the basic variations. The pattern pieces can also be used to make cardigans and dresses. Look up my Fashion Files for ideas on how to get the most from a pattern. Fashion Files are Free Tutorials on how to get the most out of a purchased pattern.

Buy it now doll clothes pattern

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