Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hankie Skirt for American Girl Doll and Australian Girl Doll

This hankie skirt is such a cute and simple item to add to your doll's wardrobe.

I tried this one out at different lengths but settled on just above and below the knee. When you put this same skirt on the Australian Girl Doll it looks just the right length even though it comes above her knee.
These were the longer version.
This first one is a mesh type knit. I didn't even hem it.

This one is a soft rayon. Just add 1" to the two hem sides of the pattern if you want the longer version.

I have just discovered that I can design the outfits better if I have a particular age in mind. I have decided that 7 years old, 12 years old and 17 years old are quite defining as far as clothes designs go.

My first model is 7 year old Jennifer (she was also my 17 year old model for the cropped flares outfit)
She is wearing a relaxed fit short sleeve t-shirt (from pattern 1801) with the hankie skirt in cool cotton.

She likes the hankie skirt because it is so comfortable and easy to wear.

She also loves how the points twirl. Jennifer is heading out on a family picnic at the botanical gardens. I am perfecting her stretch headband for doll size so look out for that as a free pattern soon.

My second model is 12 year old Lea. She has a more fitted tank top (also pattern 1801). Her skirt is made from soft and slinky knit velour. It has a lovely shine to it. Perfect for a dressy look when going out with her friends.

My third model is Emily. I think she looks about 7 as well but I haven't quite worked out the Australian Girl Dolls yet.

You can get this mini pattern combined with the skater skirt mini pattern from Craftsy or Etsy.

Happy Sewing,