Friday, January 27, 2017

How to sew Doll Clothes: Stitching the side seams on a sleeveless lined bodice.

I decided that this method was a bit tricky for diagrams. It is hard to explain but easy to see how it it done.

I refer to this blog post in my doll clothes pattern "The 18" Dress: A Lined Bodice".

Once you have the shoulder seams sewn on your lining and bodice you need to sew them right sides together. I was putting a collar on this dress so I only sewed around the back edges and the armholes.

Turn the bodice right side out and press it.

Turned and pressed

Lift open the front and back and bring the underarms together at the seam.

Pin the seams together. One up one down is easiest.

Pin the rest of the side seam. Main to main and lining to lining.

Stitch the seam.

Finger press the seam open.

Fold the bodice closed, keeping the seams open and press.

Do the other side and either baste the waist together or enclose the waist seam in the lining too.

This method gives a neat finish to the armholes and the neck if you like. I found it easier to leave the collar seam and waist seam visible rather than inside the bodice lining. It depends how fiddly you want to get. It is possible to sew the collar between the main and the lining pieces and also leave the waist edge open and sew the skirt to the lining bodice only then stitch the main over it with neat top stitching.

Happy Sewing