Saturday, July 28, 2018

Free Envelope to store your Doll Clothes Patterns

Do you want your pattern pieces to be snugly stored away in a sturdy envelope?

Do you wish you could make custom printed envelopes for any of your patterns?

I love using the envelopes for my pattern pieces.

Some of my customers have said they are really pleased that my patterns come with an envelope.

I already have a free envelope design that has my name on it because I intended it to be used for the Fashion File pattern pieces that you create from my patterns.

I am happy to offer you free envelopes to customise for any of your patterns. The new envelope front covers are now editable.

The Free Blank Envelope 1 has Text Fields for the main title, the title down the side and the doll size down the side. The space in the centre is for you to add your own picture.

The Free Doll Envelope 1 has the text fields but the space for the picture has the faint outline of a doll to help you draw your design.

The Free Envelope 2 is the back of the envelope. There are no text fields on this page but you can hand write notes and you will always know where to find my blog.

How to Edit Your Envelope Cover

To make your envelope you must open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader (it doesn't work so well in Mac Preview).

Move your mouse over the page to find the text fields if they don't show up. The text field box gets a border around it. Click in one to add text. You get up to two lines of text in the main title. The side text can only be one line.

Once you are happy with your page I recommend that you can click 'Save as' and give it a new name.
I found that I could edit it again when I opened it but I always like to keep the original file as a template.

These files are free without signing up to anything but you should realise that you are missing out on all sorts of good things if you are not already signed up to my newsletter.

Free Blank Envelope 1
Free Doll Envelope 1
Free Envelope 2

Happy Sewing and Dressmaking,