Pattern Update News

Here are the details of updates I have made to my patterns. There are lots of updates because I have been adding Pictorial Tutorials to my earlier patterns.

I have been adding the date to the file name and changing it when I do an update. The month and year at the end of the file name will match the latest update for that pattern.

When I update on Craftsy, members get an email reminding them to download the update.
Etsy customers don't get that service but all you have to do is convo me from your order and I will send you the update.

June 2017
The 18" Dress: Lined Bodice
On Page 6 I changed the collar prep from notch the curve to clip the curve because I found notching unnecessary on the tiny collar.
On Page 7 I change the placing of the collar from 1/4" from the back to place 1/2" from the back.
You can download the new pages below.
Page 6
Page 7

April 2017
You will find that there are two sets of pieces numbered 1 and 2. The first set has darts. These are actually pieces 1 and 2. The second set has no darts and is for Views 2 and 3. This set is meant to be pieces 5 and 6. I have updated the file in my shops.

Mar 2017
I hadn't made a skivvy for a while so as I made a skivvy to go with the pinafore I was making I checked the 1801 instructions.
I made a few minor updates to the wording of the instructions and changed the method slightly for sewing. Etsy customers who have 1801 can get a free update.

Feb 2017
I retired 1804 and replaced it with two patterns. The 18" Dress: Unlined Bodice and The 18" Dress: Lined Bodice
During 2017 Easy customers who bought 1804 in the past can get a free update.

Jan 2017
I found a mistake for the cutting line for the lined bodice back. You can download a special bodice back for a lined bodice. The pattern piece in the file is still good for an unlined dress.

Dec 2016
- fixed some typos with the numbering of the instructions
- added the 1 inch square to a couple of the pattern pages

Oct 2016
- Page 2 of 9 of instructions I replaced small amount for collar to 20cm (8")
- I had two cuff pieces on the layout instead of one.
- Page 5 of 9. I forgot to add the gathered sleeve instructions when I swapped in the sleeve instructions from 1841.
You can download the set of instructions here. You only need to reprint pages 4 and 7 of this file.

Sept 2016
- Corrected .25m of fabric to 0.30m of fabric
- Improved the page numbering for the instruction pages
You can download the updated instruction pages here
or if you want the whole file again you will need to convo from your invoice

Aug 2016
Most Patterns
Minor updates to formatting or page order.
No changes to pattern pieces.

June 2016
- Pictorial tutorial added
- Same photo tutorial

27th May 2016
- Pictorial tutorial added
- Same photo tutorials

23rd April 2016 (1802PictorialandpatternApr2016B)
- There is a B on the end of the file name since I still wanted to call it Apr.
- Completely rewrote the cuff segment so it matched how I do the cuffs and bands in my latest patterns.
- Clarified why you stitch halfway along the sleeve when doing the side seams.

22nd April 2016
- I have made the pleat instructions much simpler.
- I have explained that my notches are more for reference in the instructions rather than matching on the garment.
- I added my printing instructions page to the beginning of the instructions.
- I put the 1 inch square on all the pattern pages.
- I aded a separate front bodice piece for view 2 and the t-shirt just to make it simpler.

19th April 2016
- Included a Pictorial Tutorial with a link to the Photo Tutorial
- Added a view with lace for the bib and in the sleeve bands.
- Found a typo on the Introduction to Snugfit Irene page in the Photo Tutorial. The blurb at the bottom doesn't refer to the dresses. It just got copied over from the pattern before. There are too many steps to fix it.

4th April 2016
- Removed the t-shirt that was on offer for a short time.
- Reviewed the instructions. Simplified the steps and changed the order to make it clearer.
- Fixed the incorrect numbering of the steps.
- On the pattern pieces I took out the 1/2" seam I allowed for the yoke. All seams are now 1/4". If your fabric frays a lot you should add more to all the seam allowances.

29th Mar 2016
- Removed photo tutorial and replaced it with the Pictorial Tutorial for printing
- Improved the method of construction so it is easier and clearer.
- Updated the labels on the pattern pieces to match the labels I put in the instructions.
- Same great fit :)

23rd Mar 2016
- Changed the position of the pins in the diagram for Panels b) on page 2 of the Pictorial
- Included "Stitch with a 2mm stitch" in Collar f) on page 3 of the Pictorial
- Added "Trim the seam." in Cuffs b) page 5 of the Pictorial
- Changed "Top stitch 3/8" from the fold"  to Top stitch 1/2" from the fold in Waist band a) on page 6 of the Pictorial.

17th Mar 2016
- Checked there was enough ease in the dress when questioned about it. There is about an inch of ease. No changes required.
- Added a bit more detail to the instructions on the second page of the Pictorial Tutorial. Nothing dire.
- Posted a photo tutorial with some added details.
- Added a link to the photo tutorial blog post on the cover page of the pattern.
- Included 1 inch squares on the front and back skirts of the dress. Previously only on the bodice.

18th Feb 2016
- fixed the shoulders of the blouse so they are the same width.
- adjusted the instructions for the blouse page 1. Overlock the facing edge only on the fronts.
- slight oversight with the file name. It is still Dec 2016 for the updated one.

Earlier Updates
Most of the earlier updates were just formatting changes. The patterns stay the same.

One change I made was to the neckline of 1804. If you still have the file called 1404 it will have a higher neck. The bodice pieces should have 'updated neckline' on them.