About My Doll Clothes Patterns

I started in 2014. It is now nearly 2018 and I have come such a long way with my skills.

I now use Illustrator drawing software to draft my pattern pieces. I use pieces from my basic designs as slopers so most of the designs have elements that are interchangeable like sleeves, collars, bodices and skirts.

I use diagrams in my instructions because I think they are clearer than photos. However, I do post quite a lot of photo tutorials on my blog.

Over the last year I have greatly improved my diagrams and now I am shading the right side of the fabric in the diagrams to make them even clearer.

I like to go back and make improvements to the instructions of my older patterns and updates are always free to anyone who has purchased the pattern already. Any patterns that you purchased before 2017 may have an update.

1863 is typical of my pattern files.

I include a divider page for your file folder. 
Just slip it into a plastic pocket and put the pattern envelope behind. 
When you use a pattern you can remove the pattern envelope 
and still keep your patterns in order in the folder.

Instructions are nicely formatted with numbered and step
by step sections. The diagrams match the written steps and can almost be used 
by themselves as instructions.

Pattern pieces are neatly drawn and labelled with
a sizing square on each page. All the pieces are full size
ready to be printed at 100%.

I include an envelope design that is full size and easy 
to make up to keep your pieces tidy behind the divider page
inside a plastic pocket.

Since publishing my patterns I have received lots of great feedback from my customers. One comment from the early days blew me away and I still think about it as I work on making my patterns fun and easy to make. I included it in an earlier post. Here is a screen shot of that post.

Here is what some of my Etsy customers are saying: