Monday, June 22, 2015

Cute Add-on Bibs for the Round Neck Dress

1804a Snugfit Add-on Bibs provides another dimension to 1804 Snugfit carol Dress. My pattern system of interchangeable pieces lets you create many different designs from just a few patterns. While making the pattern testers for the bibs I used the collar from 1804 also the long sleeve cut off at the placket dots to make a short elastic sleeve. From 1810 I used the sleeve band to put on the sleeve from view 1 of 1806. To make the peplum top I used my full circle skirt pattern, soon to be published. You get the idea.

Now, I have followed links to free tutorials or free patterns only to find that you need to buy a pattern to make the design. I published this pattern yesterday and today I decided I had to include the dress bodice pieces at least, so you can make a complete dress, all be it sleeveless and collarless, using just 1804a.

If you want the full instructions to make a dress with or without a lined bodice including the sleeve patterns and the collar patterns you can't go too wrong with 1804 Snugfit Carol. The sleeves on this green dress come from 1810.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Pattern 1810 Snugfit Irene Low Neck Dress

I am so glad I have finally put this pattern together. There are quite a few looks that can be created with this design. I had to settle on ones that suited the fabrics I had.

Views 1 and 2 illustrate the different size puffy sleeves and the skirt variation. View 3 is a completely different look with the elastic sleeves and inset in a contrast fabric.
I think it would also look great with a black velvet bodice, red skirt and white sleeves and inset. Or maybe in black dupion silk with a lace inset. Or a crepe dress with matching coloured chiffon long sleeves. 1804 Snugfit Carol has long sleeves you can use.

I have also included a tucked version of the large puffy sleeve and a low neck that doesn't need the inset piece. You now have another skirt option with the half circle skirt that is in this pattern. I have also marked the peplum hemline.

I can start to see my vision of mix and match pattern pieces being used to make almost any design starting to come into being now.

I am constantly pulling out different pattern pieces to either make a new pattern or create a design I have seen and I love how easy it is to keep the pieces in order or find just what I want in my folder system. Each pattern has its own divider page and envelope. This means I can take out the envelopes to keep track of the pieces and know exactly where they go back in the folder. Any Fashion Files relating to a pattern I put next to the original pattern.

As with all my patterns, the format is landscape, making it perfect to read on the screen. I had a request from a lady who said she didn't have a computer to use in her sewing room so I have started including a text only version of at least the main view so it can be printed out easily.

The pattern pieces are vector drawn using Illustrator and I include the 1" or 2.5cm square for a scale check. I had a few questions about printing so I have now included a chapter on how to print at 100% in Adobe Reader.

I am always looking for ways to improve the patterns either in general or a specific pattern. I decided the neckline on the 1804 Snugfit carol Round Neck Dress needed to be just a fraction lower so I redrew the bodice and collar pieces and sent out the updated pattern to all my customers who had already bought the pattern. I updated the pattern number to 1804 on all the pieces and extras and the bodice neckline has printed on it 'updated neckline'. You need the updated neckline for the Add-on Bibs I am publishing soon.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pattern for Australian Girl Doll

I just love the Australian Girl Doll. She is 20" tall and has a very cute face. I have spent the last few weeks trying to adjust my American Girl Doll patterns to fit her. It is possible to get a reasonable fit if you enlarge the 18" doll patterns to 106% but if you want the clothes to look just right you can't go past my new patterns.

My latest pattern to be published is the 20" version of Snugfit Elaine Open Neck Blouse. It now comes in two sizes - 1806 for the American Girl Doll and 2006 for the Australian Girl Doll.

Both are available on my Etsy shop.

Introducing 2006 Snugfit Elaine Open Neck Blouse for the Australian Girl Doll.

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