Saturday, November 3, 2018

Doll Clothes Petticoat Pattern with a 50s Look and Some Life Philosophy.

I love designing and one way to share my designs with as many doll dressmakers as possible is to offer them for free sometimes.

My next newsletter is due out in early November 2018 and if you are on my mailing list or join up before I send out the November newsletter you will be able to download the 50s petticoat pattern for free.
It only comes out in this one newsletter. You will not see this pattern for free any where else or at any other time. You must be subscribed to the newsletter before it comes out.

There is no link to the free petticoat pattern on this blog post. If you would like this petticoat pattern for free you   need to be signed up for my newsletter   before November 9th 2018.

The design has princess seams on the bodice. The bodice is shaped in the front and straight across the back and there are ribbon straps.
The skirt is a circle skirt made up of 4 quarter circles. The waist points down in the front and the garment opens all the way down the back with a 1/2" overlap for closure.

This petticoat bodice is lined so if you want the lace trim to stand up properly after stitching the bodice to the lining you will need to fold the ends of the lace at a right angle so it is not caught in the back seam. I will go into more detail on this in my Facebook Group this month. You can Join Here

I used the pattern from Underwear No. 5 to start developing this design. I used the same back pieces and changed the front. I already had some work done on the pointed front with another design but adding the point is very simple. For the skirt you just echo the point for the front skirt.
So if it is so simple to make a new design why do people buy my patterns? The main reason is that doll dressmakers want to make one garment and use their best fabric.

This pink petticoat is my first draft. There are a couple of things I am going to change to make it even better. This is my prototype.
What needs work?

  • The front points need to be a bit higher. I have tried to pull it up a bit in front for this photo so you can see it has some wrinkles. I couldn't believe how amazingly better it looked when I raised the bodice by 1/4".
  • I am going to deepen the point a bit. I have decided on 1/8" lower.
  • I'm happy with this length but I had to cut off an inch from the original skirt.
  • I only stitched the strap into the front bodice and sewed it on top for the back. I had to do this so I could judge the length of the strap. Now I know the length and the angle I have to cut it in the back so the next version will have the strap enclosed in front and in back.
I am always analysing why I do things. 
Back in June I posted on my Life Blog about how I hoped other people would see me. 
The following thoughts help me know that what I am doing is in alignment with my life values. I have quite a list of values that are important to me. For example, I strive to be creative, honest, passionate, generous and sincere and self-confident. It is quite empowering to have such strong guidelines. It makes life and business decisions much easier.

A bit of philosophy on why I turned my designing into a business.

I will be making at least two more petticoats while writing and checking the instructions for this design. All my efforts provide value for doll dressmakers. 
  • You can be 99% sure the garment will fit and look great. (You should always check the waist of any pattern bodice against your doll first)
  • You only have to make one but you won't want to stop at one when you see how versatile each pattern is.
  • You can use nice fabric first go.
  • You can follow the instructions to get all the steps in the right order. This saves mistakes and unpicking.
  • You can be confident the design will look as you expect.
A bit of philosophy on why I do some things for free.

Why am I offering such great designs for free? There are a number of reasons.
  • I love helping other doll dressmakers
  • I want to spread the word on how great my patterns are.
  • I want to promote my newsletter because I love connecting with like minded people.
  • I am passionate about designing doll clothes and want to share my skills.
  • It helps me grow in self confidence and independence because it helps my business grow.
  • All this is part of my grand plan to be happy and successful, share my knowledge and skills and be financially free to continue helping and sharing in all sorts of ways.
I am constantly being inspired by all the wonderful doll dressmakers all over the world. 
I hope you enjoy my patterns.