Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Progress on the next pattern

Snugfit Martha Flat Front Pull-ons are a fairly wide leg trouser. Good for fireman pants or combat pants and cargo pants or shorts.

I needed a narrower fit trouser so I have been working on Snugfit Mildred Gathered Pull-ons. They have a nice slim leg and not too much gather in the waist. The pattern will have all the length options of Snugfit Martha as well as a more gathered look for boxer shorts or PJ pants and a bell bottoms variation.

Nearly forgot. I am waiting on my latest doll. Annabelle an Australian Girl Doll that I bought from Gumnut Toys.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Outfits with the new trousers and shorts

My latest pattern is flat front pull-on trousers and shorts - Snugfit Martha.
There are so many cute outfits you can make with them. These first three are made with 1412 Snugfit Martha and 1406 Snugfit Elaine.

The top blouse here is 1402 Snugfit Anna. The Short sleeve blouse is 1406 Snugfit Elaine

The western blouse is 1402 Snugfit Anna again and the crop top is 1501 Knitfit Lucy

This blouse is 1406 Snugfit Elaine again and a skivvy from 1501 Knitfit Lucy. The tote bags are part of 1401 Doll Tote

Five of these outfits are made with the same two patterns. I hope you can start to see what my vision is for my pattern business. I want my patterns to be used as templates for unlimited numbers of outfits. 1412 Snugfit Martha Flat Front Pull-ons provides you with lots of different lengths so you don't have to experiment for the look you want. You also get lots of design ideas to start you off.
I know they don't have working front pockets and they are not skinny but they are easy to make and easy to put on the doll. I am working on designs with the front pockets and different leg styles but I wanted to publish a good basic design first.

If you are wondering how they look on the doll...

You can find 1412 Snugfit Martha and 1406 Snugfit Elaine on Craftsy and Etsy.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

1812 Flat Front Pull-ons Doll Clothes Pattern for American Girl Dolls

1812 doll clothes trousers

This pattern now comes with a Pictorial Tutorial with lots of diagrams and short text steps.
There is a link to the original Photo Tutorial on the title page of the pattern.

I went a bit crazy with the instruction photos and had to split out the Photo Tutorial for the Cuffed Play Shorts. So there are two parts to the Photo Tutorial. Part 1 has the link to Part 2.

I took the usual pull-ons and made a flat front so you don't get that gathered look under short shirts or tops.
There are lots of different lengths to choose from. No need to guess how long to make them.
The curved patch pockets on the short-longs look very care free and the knee shorts have pockets and flaps.
You need about 1/4m for the long pants but the shorts take a lot less. You can use up your left over fashion fabrics.
The long pants come in three lengths because I made them quite short to start with. I added 1/2" to get a good length but then I thought I may as well include the next longer length that covers the shoe laces.
I will definitely need that longer look when I make bell bottoms in the next trouser pattern.

This is what the Mid-Longs and Long-Longs look like.

There is something quite odd about the poor doll's bottom but I thought the side view didn't look too bad.

Now I have enough designs to concentrate on putting together an outfit. Up until now I have just been willy nilly making single items with what ever fabrics I liked the look of. It makes it hard to find clothes that look good together. I will definitely be cruising through Pinterest for ideas. I have collected quite a few over the months. I just need to look at them and learn what looks good colourwise and stylewise.

Trying to mix and match.

These shorts and shirt were made to go together.

By using the patterns I have made so far it is possible to create lots of different designs. After I do the slightly narrower trousers and a flaired skirt and a few more sleeve styles there won't be many designs I can't create. I also have a range of collars and bodice front bibs in the works and a shirt with a collar and stand. I just wish I could get them finished faster because I want to make lots of different coats too.

Remember to follow me on Pinterest and Craftsy. I also sell on Etsy and I would love it if you liked my Facebook Page.
My patterns are great. I am just getting started trying to build a basic range of designs. Let me know if there is something in particular you would like me to design. I have had lovely customer reviews. My aim is to provide a quality product at a very affordable price.

Enjoy this latest pattern 1812 Flat Front Pull-ons from the Snugfit Range

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Snugfit Martha Doll Pull-on Pants almost done and Free Doll Stationery

I have decided that I won't try to finish the instructions for Snugfit Martha before I go away. I don't want to rush it and I don't want to make it a chore. After a week visiting my mum with only my phone for contact to the outside world I will come back and publish the pattern.

I just can't help myself as I make the patterns. I keep thinking of new ways to use the pattern. I had to stop at 5 variations this time though I have got a plain pair of slightly longer long pants on the cutting table. My first sample looks fine but is a 1/2" short for long pants. I have included the short longs and the long longs in the pattern.

So, after the play shorts and the play shorts with cuffs and the knee shorts I have the capri pants and the short longs to show off. The totes I have used as props are made from my Applique Tote Pattern. One of my first patterns and still in the old format so still at $1.50 US at the moment.

Since deciding to put off the shorts publication I have just been playing on the computer. I have made some doll school notebooks. You can download these for free from my Craftsy Shop. If you are not already signed up with Craftsy please go through my affiliate link on the top right - the photography class banner. It is still free for you to sign up but I get a small commission for bringing new members.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Brand New Doll

I was so surprised to get my doll parcel today. I didn't realise it was coming express.

Here she is wearing the new Snugfit Martha Flat Front Shorts. Look out for the pattern in my Craftsy shop soon.

Apart from drawing up the knee shorts and capris and long trousers to go with the shorts I have been playing at making doll sized stationery. I read up about paper sizes and have created A4 pages to scale and US Letter pages to scale for the doll.
I bought a commercial license to use all the gorgeous scrapbooking artwork at Pixel Scrapper. You have to register (for free) and they offer lots of great free scrapbooking elements. The personal use licence is only $10 US a month and there is just so much to choose from. I have used some of my downloads to make my doll booklet.
It still doesn't have a cover, but it is going to look so cute. Look out for it as a free download soon.

When I put the cover on you won't see those white edges.

Happy Sewing,

Monday, March 2, 2015

Pattern Progress

Cute shorts underway.

I have two patterns well under way. The dress has stalled a bit because I need to buy some steam punk embellishments from Spotlight next week when we go to the big smoke.

The dress is 1410 Snugfit Irene Flared Skirt Dress. This design will add several new sleeve styles to the Snugfit range as well as the half circle skirt and a new bodice neckline.

I have made View 1. It has big puffy sleeves and a half circle skirt with a seam down the front. The hemline is the vintage length. I haven't taken photos on the doll yet.

I have also made View 2. This one has smaller puffy sleeves and the half circle skirt is cut on the fold in the front. I also made it with the cute length hemline. I dressed Jessica in her new pink sneakers and lacy socks for the photo shoot.

The next view is my steam punk version with a double skirt and the top one ruched in the front. It will have a sleeve with pleats on the sleeve head. There is also a view 4. Look out for 1410 Snugfit Irene soon.

The other pattern I am working on is 1412 Snugfit Martha Flat Front Pull-ons

I have put together views 1 and 2. View one is shorts and has a 1/4" hem. The instructions include putting the contrast border on the legs and making the faux pockets.

View 2 has cuffs as part of the pattern. Another view will have cuffs that you sew on so they can be in contrast fabric.

I have lots of options with this pattern too. I will be including short shorts, knee shorts, crop pants and long trousers.

Notice how neat the crotch is on these shorts. My method is to sew the crotch seam last. It is easy and looks better than sewing across the inseams last. The pink shorts are just a fraction longer but use the same pattern. The blue ones have the crotch seam sewn last and the pink ones have the inseams sewn last.

I am hoping to get both these patterns out before the end of March. I have a week away visiting family soon and that is basically a no internet zone. I do take my journal so I can work on ideas. I sometime feel like my head looks like it has a flip top and things are spilling out it is so full of ideas. What a shame I have to sleep.

So, look out for new patterns soon. Visit my Craftsy shop and follow me there. You will get notified when I publish new patterns. If you don't want to sign up for Craftsy I am also on Etsy.

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