Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Doll Style: The Baby Doll

It is so cool that the Baby Born doll clothes pattern I have been working on also look great on the American Girl Doll.

valspierssews doll clothes

This pinafore design is based on the bodice of 1805. I haven't got a vest any more to try on the Baby Born doll but I am sure it would look cute for a boy doll. 1805 has the button up in front pattern piece too.

BB Pinafore Dress looks like the straps have to be buttoned or bowed but each view opens in the back for easy dressing.

The dresses I made for the baby look sweet as peplum tops or cute little baby doll dresses on American Girl doll.

The design is part of the Snugfit Range but you can easily put a t-shirt or blouse under it.

The next Baby Born design will be a regular dress. I just have to make sleeves and a collar to go with it.

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