Monday, September 26, 2016

Some sewing modules to go with the Pattern Only Files.

doll clothes patterns

I would like to make more designs that are pattern only files.
To make these as user friendly as possible I plan to break down the Pictorial Tutorials in the other patterns to make small modules that I can refer you to when I do the pattern only files.

The first pattern only file, #1845, makes use of these first three modules.

Sewing a sailor collar 1

Sewing a sailor collar 2

Sewing a sleeve band

Sewing a gathered skirt to a bodice.

I will probably continue to create the modules as I go and when I have a good collection I will put them all into one PDF file and put it in my shop like a book.

Happy Sewing,

Saturday, September 24, 2016

My Latest Doll Clothes Pattern

valspierssews doll clothes

I have been working steadily on the cute panel dress requested by one of my readers. I just want to try out the skirt with more flare before I publish it.

To take a bit of a break from that design I started playing with all the different shaped sailor collars I have seen. I have drawn up 5 collars that all fit on the same neckline. Having the neckline as a starting point enables me to change the shape of the dress or bodice just below the V and make very different looking designs.

The one I have just published was inspired by this image.

From Pinterest
I didn't have enough white to make it but I think it definitely looks good in white.
I also found that there just wasn't enough room to put in the waist band ties. I decided it looked good plain. You can always lengthen the bodice by 1/4" and turn up a 1/2" hem on the skirt or cut it shorter as well. Because I left out the ties I decided to put the bow on the girl.

Because I love to design I find it a bit of a drag to write up instructions so the big difference with this pattern is that it has no instructions!

You get the necessary information just no construction details. If you need details I refer you to the patterns where you can find general instructions for different aspects of the design.

I put these extra pictures on the title page of the file as a bit of a guide as well.

Look out for some sailor collar jackets and dresses that button up the front. I have already started collecting some ideas.

I'm not sure what my customers will think of this no instruction pattern file but it suits what I want to do just now. I will still put up patterns with instructions if I think they need them. The flared dress with the yoke needs its own set of instructions for the panels and yoke because no other pattern of mine is quite the same.

Happy Sewing,

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Progress on the Marian Martin Pattern conversion to a doll clothes pattern

I have had a request to convert an old Marian Martin girls' design to a doll size pattern. It is a cute little flared dress with 8 panels.

I started a note book for this one because I found there was quite a lot of story behind the design when I did the sailor suits and the same is true of this Marian Martin pattern.

Marian Martin was just one of several lady's names that were used as trade names by one mail order company.
You can read about the mail order patterns on Witness2Fashion Blog. I found it quite interesting.

There was also a link to a fascinating interview of one of the ladies who worked in the craft pattern section of the mail order company in the 70's
It was posted on Kestrel Makes Blog in two parts.  It is well worth a read.
Part 1
Part 2

So I have filed away the sailor suit.

Page 2 of the pattern file marks the place in the folder

Page 1 of the file becomes the title page for the
instructions and the pattern pieces go in the envelope.
I have filed away the A-line skirt.

Just the title page this time as a file divider.
I didn't print the instructions this time so it is just the pattern pieces.
No envelope with this free pattern.
I have started up the notebook for this pattern request. I have an image of the pattern envelope but I like to draw the design myself to get a good idea of the design features.

The first draft.

The toile.

turning up the hem will adjust the bodice / skirt proportion.

I am really happy with the fit and the amount of flare. I could put in more flare if requested. Now it is time to play with the faux round yoke. I will stitch it to the neck then turn it out over the bodice and stitch it down to create the illusion of a yoke. I hope this works because I can't see myself trying to sew on a separate curved yoke.

There is lots on offer in my Etsy Shop. Look out for this flared dress soon.

Happy Sewing,

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Doll Style: An A-Line Skirt

It has been a while since I posted a free pattern. This cute A-line Skirt is available on my Facebook page only.

It was quite a design challenge to get her little bottom to fit in neatly without any tricky design elements like darts or extra panels.

Here is the end result. I guess it is not really the end, because there are still some possibilities to be explored with this simple pattern. I will be making some over the next few weeks while I also work on a request. I will post updates of the request design progress on Facebook.

The sailor suit doesn't need to be old fashioned.

Short and sweet

A longer length for travel comfort.

Neat waistband. Closes in the back with velcro.
The denim look is so versatile.
Look out for posts about how to add a box pleat and how to do a seam and placket in the back and how to add pocket features.

Box pleat in the front.
You will have to visit my Facebook page to get the pattern. While you are there I hope you decide to like my page and also share the skirt pattern with your Facebook friends.

Happy Sewing,

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Doll Clothes Patterns for Sailor Suits now published

I have published two different designs for the sailor suit.

1840 has a modest V, and gathered sleeves with a straight cuff.

1841 has the low V with a dickie insert, a pleat at the cuff and pointed cuffs.

1840 is probably a bit easier to sew. Fitting the dickie and the sleeves is a bit harder in 1841.

Because this is a Snugfit Design you can use the short sleeves from any other Snugfit pattern to change the style. It would also look good with no sleeves.

I have already worked out that I can make a dress using the bodice from 1804 and just cut the V from 1840 into the dress bodice front and use the sailor collar. I plan to make this up next week. I will probably use the short puffed sleeves from 1810 with the cuffs from the 1840 sailor suit.

There are lots of colour variations for the sailor suit too and you can also use the top with 1813 Gathered Pull-ons to make a boy's outfit.

1841 would look cute with knee length shorts and 1840 would look good with bell bottoms.

Both patterns are in my Etsy Shop.

Happy Sewing,