Sunday, September 11, 2016

Progress on the Marian Martin Pattern conversion to a doll clothes pattern

I have had a request to convert an old Marian Martin girls' design to a doll size pattern. It is a cute little flared dress with 8 panels.

I started a note book for this one because I found there was quite a lot of story behind the design when I did the sailor suits and the same is true of this Marian Martin pattern.

Marian Martin was just one of several lady's names that were used as trade names by one mail order company.
You can read about the mail order patterns on Witness2Fashion Blog. I found it quite interesting.

There was also a link to a fascinating interview of one of the ladies who worked in the craft pattern section of the mail order company in the 70's
It was posted on Kestrel Makes Blog in two parts.  It is well worth a read.
Part 1
Part 2

So I have filed away the sailor suit.

Page 2 of the pattern file marks the place in the folder

Page 1 of the file becomes the title page for the
instructions and the pattern pieces go in the envelope.
I have filed away the A-line skirt.

Just the title page this time as a file divider.
I didn't print the instructions this time so it is just the pattern pieces.
No envelope with this free pattern.
I have started up the notebook for this pattern request. I have an image of the pattern envelope but I like to draw the design myself to get a good idea of the design features.

The first draft.

The toile.

turning up the hem will adjust the bodice / skirt proportion.

I am really happy with the fit and the amount of flare. I could put in more flare if requested. Now it is time to play with the faux round yoke. I will stitch it to the neck then turn it out over the bodice and stitch it down to create the illusion of a yoke. I hope this works because I can't see myself trying to sew on a separate curved yoke.

There is lots on offer in my Etsy Shop. Look out for this flared dress soon.

Happy Sewing,