Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Doll Clothes Patterns for Sailor Suits now published

I have published two different designs for the sailor suit.

1840 has a modest V, and gathered sleeves with a straight cuff.

1841 has the low V with a dickie insert, a pleat at the cuff and pointed cuffs.

1840 is probably a bit easier to sew. Fitting the dickie and the sleeves is a bit harder in 1841.

Because this is a Snugfit Design you can use the short sleeves from any other Snugfit pattern to change the style. It would also look good with no sleeves.

I have already worked out that I can make a dress using the bodice from 1804 and just cut the V from 1840 into the dress bodice front and use the sailor collar. I plan to make this up next week. I will probably use the short puffed sleeves from 1810 with the cuffs from the 1840 sailor suit.

There are lots of colour variations for the sailor suit too and you can also use the top with 1813 Gathered Pull-ons to make a boy's outfit.

1841 would look cute with knee length shorts and 1840 would look good with bell bottoms.

Both patterns are in my Etsy Shop.

Happy Sewing,