Sunday, August 31, 2014

Progress on the Classic Skivvy

I am having a lot of fun with this pattern. There are so many ways to put it together. For this one I just added a little skirt to the bottom of the pattern to make a dress. This version uses the 3/4 sleeves and the high neck rather than the roll neck. The leggings I made from my Pull-ons pattern yet to be published. Look out for the Classic Skivvy soon. It is going to be free so everyone can see what great patterns I make.

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I am having a lot of trouble getting the lighting right for the photos. This one came out just a fraction blurry. My little camera doesn't like shade at all. I can't wait to get my sewing room set up for photos. I will get out the good camera too. We move in to the new house in November.

When I started putting the velcro on the knits I kept having trouble getting started with the stitching. I worked out that my usual way of sewing the velcro starting on the short side meant I was going with the stretch and getting stuck. All it took was changing the direction. So I started on the long side and sewed down first then across. Too easy.

Another velcro thing that was bugging me was the way the little pieces just disappeared when I put them beside the machine after cutting what I needed. There must be little velcro bits stuck on all sorts of things by now. To solve this problem I have started putting the pieces in a zip lock snack bag beside the machine. The hooky pieces stay safe and sound now.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Snugfit Bonnie Pinafore 1403

1403 Snugfit Bonnie Pinafore gives you several skirt options and pinafore strap options. Once you have the waistband pattern you can use it with the skirt part of dresses that I will be publishing as part of the Snugfit Range. These will be flared and pleated skirt dresses. My brain is just buzzing with ideas - a waisted skirt with knife pleats, a sailor dress with box pleats and a cute flared dress inspired by one from a Nancy Drew adventure book.
I love this cute flared dress. Look out for Snugfit Irene Dress 1410

There are a few variations of the gathered skirt that I am working on.
Variations that need another pattern piece like the Western Yoke I will continue to call Add-ons. Some will be free but others will be part of a collection for sale like the Collar Collection for Round Necks that I am working on.

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Happy Sewing,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Snugfit Anna Blouse 1402

The Snugfit Anna Blouse 1402 is the beginning of my exciting new way to make doll clothes. All the patterns in the Snugfit Range will have interchangeable pattern pieces. Sleeves, collars and front finishes can be swapped around to greatly increase the size of your doll's wardrobe without buying a pattern for every new look.
As I start to add to the range you will begin to see what I mean more clearly.
I have several patterns in the works that will give you more collar options and more sleeve options for your Snugfit Anna and of course the pointy collar and gathered sleeve from the blouse can be used on the other patterns.

The dress below will come with the peter pan collar, a square collar, long sleeves that are fitted at the top and gathered a lot at the wrist with and without a cuff as well as sleeves that are gathered a lot at the top and the wrist. Once I have published a few more patterns I will show you some great new looks that you can get by swapping a piece or two or just drawing a line or two on your existing pieces.

Another dress I have designed has a scoop neckline and short puffy sleeves and a flared skirt that can also fit on the waistband from Snugfit Bonnie Pinafore 1403.

I get a real lot of fun out of thinking up as many garments as possible from the fewest amount of patterns.

Snugfit Carol Dress 1404


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The path to perfection

One of the things I love about making the doll designs is the process of trial and error and fine tuning the pattern until I think it fits perfectly. Sometimes it is a 1/4" here and a 1/4 " there and sometimes you just start again.
I cut out the first pair then decided I wanted to use wider elastic and the crotch length got too short.
The second pair fit well enough but I made them too long in the leg and the waist needed some adjusting.
The third pair I made with a flat front but they made funny folds in the front and needed the centre front seam taken in.
The final pair I made in poly cotton and they fit perfectly.
The next pattern I am publishing is the versatile vest, another pattern in the American Girl Doll Snugfit range. One of the items is a summer crop top and I just had to have shorts to photograph it with.
I know you can get free pull on pants patterns on the Internet but they really are just 'make do'. I have quite a few patterns in the queue to be written up but I may just have to pop up the shorts pattern after the vest. It will include classic fitted pull-ons gathered all the way round, the cute flat front pull-ons that I have just designed and probably a few other features like long pants and a skort and a sew on front waistband with a pleated front. They all use the same basic pattern shapes. This pattern will lend itself nicely to some pocket add-ons.
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I have created this blog for doll designs separate from my patchwork blog so it will be all about Doll Designs and my paid and free patterns. I will include some inspiration pages for existing patterns and the occasional extra instructions or photos as well as some advertising for Craftsy. I just love the pattern shop but they also have lots of other crafty things for sale. I hope that you will think to visit Craftsy through my affiliate link if you ever want to by an online class or notions, fabrics and yarns. The price of your items will not be affected but I earn a commision on sales. Every bit I earn means I can buy classier fabrics for new garments and make more examples and this helps make my product better for you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

American Girl Doll Patterns

I have discovered a wonderful hobby that uses lots of my skills.
I am making and publishing 18" doll clothes patterns.
You can even make your own pattern envelope.

I get to look at Pinterest for inspiration.
I can buy lots of different fabrics and embellishments. (I suppose you could call these skills :) )

I get to sew. Which is a lot of fun.
I can now play with my vector drawing program with a purpose.
I am able to let my imagination soar to create doll designs.

I am hoping that I will be able to improve my photography skills as I try to market my designs.

I would be happy to just do all this for free but being retired and on a limited income I have decided to join lots of others like me and have a go at selling my patterns.

I have kept the price low since that patterns are instant downloads that I only have to make once and I am publishing them in the global market place, which is huge.

Come and take a look at my Craftsy shop.
If you are not already registered with Craftsy I can highly recommend it as a great place to find lots of patterns for all sorts of things and also some interesting on-line classes and a great on-line shop. They are always having fabric and yarn sales but they cater for lots of different crafts. See my side bar for links.