Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Snugfit Bonnie Pinafore 1403

1403 Snugfit Bonnie Pinafore gives you several skirt options and pinafore strap options. Once you have the waistband pattern you can use it with the skirt part of dresses that I will be publishing as part of the Snugfit Range. These will be flared and pleated skirt dresses. My brain is just buzzing with ideas - a waisted skirt with knife pleats, a sailor dress with box pleats and a cute flared dress inspired by one from a Nancy Drew adventure book.
I love this cute flared dress. Look out for Snugfit Irene Dress 1410

There are a few variations of the gathered skirt that I am working on.
Variations that need another pattern piece like the Western Yoke I will continue to call Add-ons. Some will be free but others will be part of a collection for sale like the Collar Collection for Round Necks that I am working on.

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