Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Snugfit Anna Blouse 1402

The Snugfit Anna Blouse 1402 is the beginning of my exciting new way to make doll clothes. All the patterns in the Snugfit Range will have interchangeable pattern pieces. Sleeves, collars and front finishes can be swapped around to greatly increase the size of your doll's wardrobe without buying a pattern for every new look.
As I start to add to the range you will begin to see what I mean more clearly.
I have several patterns in the works that will give you more collar options and more sleeve options for your Snugfit Anna and of course the pointy collar and gathered sleeve from the blouse can be used on the other patterns.

The dress below will come with the peter pan collar, a square collar, long sleeves that are fitted at the top and gathered a lot at the wrist with and without a cuff as well as sleeves that are gathered a lot at the top and the wrist. Once I have published a few more patterns I will show you some great new looks that you can get by swapping a piece or two or just drawing a line or two on your existing pieces.

Another dress I have designed has a scoop neckline and short puffy sleeves and a flared skirt that can also fit on the waistband from Snugfit Bonnie Pinafore 1403.

I get a real lot of fun out of thinking up as many garments as possible from the fewest amount of patterns.

Snugfit Carol Dress 1404