Monday, July 27, 2015

Rib or Elastic Waist Skirt - Tutorial

This is so easy to do. No pattern required. It fits the American Girl Doll and the Australian Girl Doll.

This skirt is basically a straight skirt that can be pulled on.

American Girl Doll
Cut a strip 13" long and as wide as you prefer. I made mine a short skirt so I cut the strip 4 3/4" wide.

Australian Girl Doll
I realised that the Aussie Girl Doll needs the skirt to be fuller and a bit longer. Until I try it out these measurements should work.
Cut a 15" strip 5 1/4" wide. Use the same length ribbing as described in the instructions.

I have used a knit fabric for the skirt. That is why I have a 3/8" hem. I just find it easier than 1/4" on knits. I also tried to get away with my sharp needle for stitching but I had to put in the stretch needle to get the rib to behave.
Sewing knits is not hard. I find that I have to stop with the needle down every 3 or 4 inches to let the fabric flatten out. It does tend to get pushed along in front by the foot.

Overlock the hem edge and turn up 3/8" hem.

Stitch the back seam to make a tube.

Cut a strip of ribbing 1 3/4" wide and 10" long. (Cut 1/2" elastic 10 1/2" long.)

Stitch the ends of the ribbing and fold in half to for a band. (Just overlap the elastic.) Put pins at the centre back and centre front.
Match to centre front and back seam of skirt. Stretch to fit and pin.

I then turned it inside out to stitch.

Top stitch close to the seam on the outside.

This would make a cute back to school outfit. I have teamed the skirt with my new 1820 Knitfit Polly - Sweaters and Jumpers for Bulky Knits. Out soon.

The skirt can be worn on the hips to make it longer.

I will be trying out the stretchy band on more gathering and woven fabrics.

Happy Sewing,

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nearly a year of pattern making!

I have come a long way since my first pattern publication. The Snugfit Anna Blouse is still one of my favourite patterns. It embodies all the aspects of lots of possible variations, value for money and great fit that you will find with all my patterns. Here is my original post.
I have just updated the format of Snugfit Anna to match my latest patterns and taken a few new pictures.

This simple t-shirt has been one of the most used pieces in my doll wardrobe. It seems to go with almost anything.

When I first published the blouse pattern I had the western yoke as an additional file. It is now included in the blouse pattern. The old photo still looks pretty good.

Just a preview of my latest pattern. It is a bulky knit design for sweat shirts and jumpers.

Look out for 1820 Knitfit Polly - Sweaters for Bulky knits. Coming soon.

Happy Sewing,

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fashion File 13 A Plain T-shirt

If you have my pattern 1801 Knitfit Lucy Classic Skivvy you can easily make this simple plain t-shirt.

Very versatile for layering or teaming with a skirt or jeans or leggings.

There are so many ways to make a t-shirt and you can nearly make them all with pattern 1801.

Fashion File 13 is the Plain T-shirt. It has hems instead of bands.

You can download it now. It is a one page PDF file with text and two small photos. Print it out and put in with your 1801 pattern pieces. Use the labels on the side bar to find other fashion files.
Find my patterns on Etsy. Just $2.50 USD.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Classic Cardigan for 18" Dolls

I have updated my skivvy and t-shirt pattern. Some improvements are:

  • Combined long and 3/4 sleeve pattern so you only have to print one and fold it up for the 3/4 length.
  • Also combined the t-shirt and crop top pattern pieces so you just cut one and fold up to get the crop length.
  • Text only pages at the end of the file so you can print out if you like. (I prefer to read on the screen)
  • Updated the pattern number on the printables so it is 1801 instead of 1501. All my AGD patterns start with 18 now.

When I first drew up this pattern I was going to include cardigan pieces but it just got to unwieldy. I am glad I waited because it is so easy to make a cardigan from the t-shirt or skivvy pieces there is no need for separate pieces.
The Classic Cardy is now Fashion File 12 based on 1801 Knitfit Lucy - Classic Skivvy for Light Weight Knits.

When you see my unassuming skivvy pattern promo page it is hard to imagine the amazing designs you can create from it. That is why I write the Fashion Files. I love to play with the patterns.

Fashion File 12 shows you how to make a cardigan using the pieces from your purchased pattern 1801. For $2.50 USD on Etsy you get the classic pattern pieces.

With just this one pattern purchase you can make t-shirts, skivvies and crop tops as well as dresses and now this cute cardy.

If you add 1" to the bodice you can make it a longline design and put on patch pockets. Use the crop length and make it a short waist length. Use the round neck or cut the v-neck. Put on bands or use hems. There are so many things you can do just with the cardigan let alone all the other shirt variations.

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Download Fashion File 12 Now

My aim is to create a range of patterns that will enable crafters to create a wide range of designs. I have nearly made all the classic designs that I had in mind for the Snugfit Collection. I am quite excited to think that I can start to spend more time making outfits from all the interchangable pattern pieces in the Snugfit Collection. I want to make lots more Fashion Files.

Happy Sewing,