Monday, July 27, 2015

Rib or Elastic Waist Skirt - Tutorial

This is so easy to do. No pattern required. It fits the American Girl Doll and the Australian Girl Doll.

This skirt is basically a straight skirt that can be pulled on.

American Girl Doll
Cut a strip 13" long and as wide as you prefer. I made mine a short skirt so I cut the strip 4 3/4" wide.

Australian Girl Doll
I realised that the Aussie Girl Doll needs the skirt to be fuller and a bit longer. Until I try it out these measurements should work.
Cut a 15" strip 5 1/4" wide. Use the same length ribbing as described in the instructions.

I have used a knit fabric for the skirt. That is why I have a 3/8" hem. I just find it easier than 1/4" on knits. I also tried to get away with my sharp needle for stitching but I had to put in the stretch needle to get the rib to behave.
Sewing knits is not hard. I find that I have to stop with the needle down every 3 or 4 inches to let the fabric flatten out. It does tend to get pushed along in front by the foot.

Overlock the hem edge and turn up 3/8" hem.

Stitch the back seam to make a tube.

Cut a strip of ribbing 1 3/4" wide and 10" long. (Cut 1/2" elastic 10 1/2" long.)

Stitch the ends of the ribbing and fold in half to for a band. (Just overlap the elastic.) Put pins at the centre back and centre front.
Match to centre front and back seam of skirt. Stretch to fit and pin.

I then turned it inside out to stitch.

Top stitch close to the seam on the outside.

This would make a cute back to school outfit. I have teamed the skirt with my new 1820 Knitfit Polly - Sweaters and Jumpers for Bulky Knits. Out soon.

The skirt can be worn on the hips to make it longer.

I will be trying out the stretchy band on more gathering and woven fabrics.

Happy Sewing,