Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nearly a year of pattern making!

I have come a long way since my first pattern publication. The Snugfit Anna Blouse is still one of my favourite patterns. It embodies all the aspects of lots of possible variations, value for money and great fit that you will find with all my patterns. Here is my original post.
I have just updated the format of Snugfit Anna to match my latest patterns and taken a few new pictures.

This simple t-shirt has been one of the most used pieces in my doll wardrobe. It seems to go with almost anything.

When I first published the blouse pattern I had the western yoke as an additional file. It is now included in the blouse pattern. The old photo still looks pretty good.

Just a preview of my latest pattern. It is a bulky knit design for sweat shirts and jumpers.

Look out for 1820 Knitfit Polly - Sweaters for Bulky knits. Coming soon.

Happy Sewing,