Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Calling all people interested in making doll clothes!

I have decided to start a Newsletter Subscription for all my keen followers.

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I have been working on some cute undies made in woven fabric. The file will be sent out with my first mail out in September.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Baby Doll Dress Pattern

valspierssews doll clothes

I have just published a new baby doll pattern made to fit Baby Born dolls. It is a version of the 18" Dress 1804.
I thought the baby looked cuter with short sleeves rather than long sleeves so the pattern has 2 kinds of short sleeve. The gathered elastic design and the puffed short sleeve with a band.
There are also two collar styles - pointed and peter pan.

The bodice is lined so you can easily swap styles from collar to no collar and from sleeves to no sleeves.

The sleeve with the band allows you to make all sorts of dresses with contrast sleeve bands and collars for different looks.

The pockets give you more opportunity to add some contrast. you can have them match the collar and sleeve bands or just make the pockets in a contrast.

I have tailored the pattern so it fits the baby doll neatly if you make the dress in shirt fabrics or quilting cotton. If you want to use something like velvet I recommend that you print out the pattern at 102% to give some extra ease. Make sure you label it somehow so it doesn't get mixed up with the 100% pieces.

My latest patterns and any that I update from now will have instruction diagrams with the right side of the fabric shaded so it is easier to read the diagrams.

As with all my patterns you get vector drawn pattern pieces that I draw myself using Adobe Illustrator.

You also get a coloured title page so it is easy to tell what the file is. The title page shows as a little preview on most computers. There are links to my facebook page and my blog as well as some photo tutorials to help with the dress.

There is not too much colour on this page so it is possible to print it out but I usually start printing from the second page. This is a black and white title page suitable to use as a divider page in a folder.

The instructions and pattern pieces follow then the last two pages are the pattern envelope that you can cut out and tape together. I usually put the divider page in a plastic pocket then put the pieces in the envelope and put it behind the divider page in the pocket.
When I want to use a pattern I take out the envelope while I use the pattern. It is then easy to put it back in the right place in the folder because the divider is still there.

See this latest pattern plus all my other 18" doll clothes patterns in my Etsy store.

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