Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Free Doll Panties Pattern for American Girl Doll and Australian Girl Doll

Free panties pattern for you doll

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While wondering what I might add to my Free Patterns Page I came across an undies pattern that I drew on paper when I was just starting out with patterns. The date on the pattern piece was10th September 2014.
It is a great fit for both American Girl Dolls and Australian Girl Dolls.

I have drawn it up on the computer and created some instructions as a Pictorial Tutorial. Making these panties is very quick and probably a good place to start playing with knits.

The first pair I made way back, were from ribbing. Here is my very first doll trying to drum up some business for the 1805 Pinafore/Vest pattern.

It went like this:

As well as my first doll I now have 3 American Girl Dolls and 3 Australian Girl Dolls and a growing pattern hobby business. I enjoy what I am doing so much that I am making plans for the next 3 years.

2018 update:
I now have 5 American Girl Dolls, a Baby Born doll and 2 Our Generation dolls. I also have a flourishing doll clothes pattern business that brings me into contact with so many wonderful doll dressmakers.

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When making the panties I used store bought undies that came in a pack of 10. They worked out less than $1 each. I unpicked the elastic to use on the doll panties. I also cut the front and back of the panties in separate pieces so I could use the smaller sides of the undies. I will get 2 pairs of panties and a singlet from 1 pair of undies.

I folded the pattern at the crotch and cut an extra 1/4" at the seam line on each piece.

Once you cut out the panties you need to use a pin to mark the back. The front and back are just a bit different and it is hard to tell them apart. Keep the pin in place until you get the bow on at the end.

The panties fit quite snug and may pose some difficulty for little hands. I increased the length of the elastic pieces by 1/4" and found the fit didn't change much. I am sure it would be possible to add at least another 1/4" to the elastic lengths to make the whole unit a bit less tight.

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Free panties pattern for American Girl Doll

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