Friday, January 8, 2016

50s Styles from Human to Doll Clothes

50s style doll clothes
Translating the 50s style to doll clothes.

When I started looking for doll clothes ideas in the 50s styles of patterns like Simplicity and McCalls and Vogue I was a bit concerned that the tiny waists of the 50s models would make it hard to translate the design to the American Girl Doll or the Australian Girl Doll. Clearly these dolls have the figure of a child with very little waist definition at all.

This is how the style looks in human proportions.

Surprisingly I have been able to design for the doll and get a very good approximation of the human style. It doesn't look quite as elegant and doesn't seem to stand out as being a 50s style but I am pleased with the look I have achieved.

Here is the style in doll proportions.

The little unfitted jacket seems to give the illusion of a little waist when it is worn with the dress.
The dress by itself also looks nice because the darts seem to give the doll more of a waist.

I am having a lot of fun designing the 50s outfits. If you have a look through my 50s Style favourites on Etsy you will see what I am using for inspiration. I love all the little jackets as well as the coats. I think I like the Misses patterns more than the Children's patterns but I may do a few of those along the way this year.

I am very close to publishing the pattern for the dress, which includes a separate skirt and blouse pattern as well. It will be 1827. The jacket will be separate and will be 1828.

I have been playing with doll jewellery the last few days and came up with this cute key laniard. I think it makes her look like a teacher.

Happy Sewing,