Saturday, January 2, 2016

Perfect Doll Post Cards and Goals for January

The little post cards are perfect 18" doll size.

You can see the bag is small.
Compared to the exciting find I had this morning my January goals are a bit boring so I will deal with those at the end.
I needed some nice paper clips so I lifted several boxes out of my cupboard so I could get to my stationery box. It was even fun to rummage in the other boxes as I got them down. I keep so much great stuff.

In the stationery box I pulled out an old Cavallini desk calendar. The exciting part is that it is perfect for doll post cards and doll wall charts or posters.

The front and back covers are nice sturdy card. The front has a full size image and the back has thumbnails from the whole calendar. These little images make great post cards. The paper of the calendar (in 2011 at least) was a nice weight and feel. All the pages are blank on the back as well.

The calendar pages (posters) next to two of the post cards.

With calendars 25% and 50% off right now one or two would be a bargain to add to your doll accessories. You can even use it for your calendar. Cut the front and back pages off now and add to the poster collection each month.

The 2016 calendars are mostly lovely vintage images. Vintage Australia is only done in a wall calendar but the back page probably has thumbnails that would make good posters. I don't know.

You will probably have to look around a bit to find the Cavallini desk calendars. They are full price 12.95 USD and 24.95 AUD.

You can see some of the calendars on their website.

I will be checking out my big newsagent next time we go to town. After finding my butterfly cards and charts I saw the new American Girl Doll of the year likes rain forests so my butterfly collection will be perfect for her back pack and office.

I have really been into setting goals lately so I was thrilled to work out that the empty desk calendar stand was perfect for a mini vision board.

If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies

My short term goals for January are:

  • Snack less to reduce my sugar intake. This one involves changing a habit.
  • Publish 1828 and 1829 50s dress and jacket.
  • Publish one more 50s pattern.
  • Update two more of my older files to make them match the new files.
  • Finish a series of posts about my first Wardrobe Capsule for doll clothes and schedule them for Feb.
  • Add two more images to my Gallery page.
  • Add one more free pattern.
  • List two sets of doll clothes in my Etsy store.
  • Work on the doll hand bags patterns.
  • Meditate 15 mins every second day. This one involves building a habit.
  • Finish the jigsaw on the coffee table.
  • Make a start on some digital books and papers for 18" dolls.
I have lots of other short term goals on saving and exercising and sewing written in my special journals. I also break them down into daily and weekly goals to go on my week at a view desk pad.

Fingers crossed the list of goals achieved at the end of Jan will look just as long.

Happy Sewing,