Saturday, December 12, 2015

Free Skirt Pattern for American Girl Doll

This skirt is part of my Spring wardrobe capsule for American Girl Doll.
It has a lovely neat line because of the yoke.

I wanted to make a little skirt from some sheer fabric. I knew that trying to hem it would ruin it so I decided to fold it double.
Here is what I did.

 Cut a skirt strip 7 1/2" wide and cut it down to 30" long.

 If you think beforehand you should be able to fit the yoke on the piece you cut off the skirt strip. I trimmed the selvedges and made it a fraction too narrow.
 I had to cut into the main piece.
Cut one yoke from sheer.

 Cut one yoke from homespun or regular cotton to match the sheer.

 Fold the skirt in half and pin. Stitch two gathering rows leaving long tails at each end.
 Put the yokes wrong sides together and pin.
Overlock them together.
 Fold over 1/2" and press.
Stitch close to the overlocking.
 Flip it over and stitch close to the fold to make the casing.

 Put a pin in the centre of the skirt and pull up the gathering to about 6 1/2" each side of the pin.
Place the skirt and yoke right sides together and pin at each end and in the centre. Adjust the threads to fit. Tie off the ends and adjust the gathers. Add more pins.

 Stitch the seam then overlock the seam allowance.
 Press the seam up and top stitch the yoke, close to the seam.
 Insert 10 1/2" of 1/4" elastic with a safety pin.
 Stitch the centre back seam.
Overlock it, leaving 1/2" thread tails at each end.
Press the seam to one side. Tuck the thread tails in and stitch across the seam along each casing row and at the hem edge to hold the tails and keep the seam flat.

You can download a Pictorial Tutorial of this free design along with a yoke pattern piece. This little skirt makes a great addition to any wardrobe collection.

Happy Sewing,