Thursday, December 31, 2015

Latest Doll Clothes Patterns

Doll clothes patterns by Valspierssews

I get so excited about my patterns that I completely forget to promote them on my blog. I just put them in the shop and do a quick post on Facebook.

So today I introduce the first of my 50s Collection of doll clothes for American Girl Doll. It is such fun to design the outfits for doll size and now we have MaryEllen to wear them. I don't have her yet, but she is on my wish list.

Here is an elegant wide neck dress with slightly overhanging shoulders and a full circle skirt. Perfect for any occasion.

Doll clothes pattern by Valspierssews

It has a lined bodice and does up in the back. I use velcro.
It is designed to be worn as a dress by itself or as a jumper with a blouse underneath.

Doll clothes patterns by valspierssews

The gorgeous 3/4 sleeve blouse is included in the pattern. I made this pink one in linen and it looks and feels wonderful.

Doll clothes patterns by Valspierssews

The blouse has a small peter pan collar and inseam plackets in the sleeves. It does up in the front with velcro and I put 3 pairs of buttons down the front.
It works with both modern and vintage outfits. Here I have teamed it with my free pleated skirt pattern.

You can find the pattern for the dress and the blouse as 1827 in my Etsy store and in my Craftsy store

Here is a preview of the next design. It will come out as two patterns. 1828 with the dress and also a skirt and blouse version. 1829 will be the jacket.
I am just doing a few slight adjustments to the pattern. Look out for it soon. 

Doll clothes patterns by Valspierssews

Doll clothes patterns by Valspierssews

Doll clothes patterns by Valspierssews

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

How to make and infinity scarf for American Girl Doll

free tutorial and pattern for doll clothes infinity scarf

An infinity scarf is such a great wardrobe accessory for your doll. Every doll clothes collection needs several. You can make them in woven fabric or in knit fabric.
The woven fabric scarves can double as hair ribbons if you use soft fabric and the knit scarves can be used as head bands. For a successful head band you really need to use the overlocker on the seams. A zig zag stitch will work but it is difficult to position the head band.

Have a look through this photo tutorial then download the printable instructions. I have also included a pattern piece so if you haven't yet got a quilter's ruler and rotary cutter it is simple to cut out the right size strip.

Cut a strip 3 1/2" wide and 22 1/2" long.
Fold it in half lengthwise.
Stitch the seam starting and finishing 2" from the ends.

Turn the scarf right side out.
Press the scarf so the seam is centred.
Press over the seam allowance on the unstitched sections.

Bring the ends together right sides together.
Stitch and press the seam open.

Pin the open section together folding in the seam allowance as you pin.
Stitch along the edge to close the opening.

I have started curating a library of my free patterns and tutorials on Teachable. You can sign up to the library site and my newsletter at the same time. 

This one is still on the blog for now.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

December Update for Doll Clothes Designs

Another busy month for me designing and sewing and creating doll clothes patterns.

  • I updated the vest pattern and added a bonus pencil skirt.
  • I updated the classic knit tops by including a bonus leggings pattern.
  • I started the 50s Collection.

Vest or jerkin with the bonus pencil skirt and
the turtleneck from 1801

Pinafore from 1805 with a turtleneck and leggings from 1801

The bonus blouse is very cute here with the
pleated skirt from my free patterns page.
Because the everyday price of my patterns is about 30% lower than others on the market I can't really offer lots of freebies or bundle discounts or sales and still make a fair payment for my time and expertise.
To make up for this I have decided to offer some bonus patterns with the patterns that you buy. For example, the blouse with 1827 uses the same basic size as my 1806 blouse pattern with a different collar and a different sleeve design. It didn't take me as long to design as if I had to design it from scratch so I am happy to include it with the dress pattern as a bonus.

I have also started making instructions for some free designs. Quite often free patterns are hand drawn or not tailored for the American Girl Doll. I plan to offer free designs with Pictorial Tutorials and vector drawn pattern pieces like my shop patterns because I like everything to look neat. I have done the gathered skirt and am working on tidying up the pleated skirt. I plan to include a belt pattern and an infinity scarf pattern soon.

Make sure you visit my Free Patterns page and my Pattern Shop page.

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I would like to thank all my customers for spurring me on to create more designs and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,


Monday, December 14, 2015

New Doll Clothes Ideas for Old Patterns

I have been playing with two of my patterns to make some complete doll clothes outfits.

I made both these outfits from 1801 and 1805.

The elf has an unlined pinafore dress from 1805 and a roll neck skivvy exactly the same as View 1 in 1801 and the leggings are now included as a bonus pattern with 1801.

The skirt suit has either a jerkin/crop top with a v-neck or a vest with a v-neck from 1805 and a skivvy from 1801 with a high neck and sleeves cut on the cuff cutting line but just hemmed.

Get both these patterns from my Etsy shop.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Free Skirt Pattern for American Girl Doll

This skirt is part of my Spring wardrobe capsule for American Girl Doll.
It has a lovely neat line because of the yoke.

I wanted to make a little skirt from some sheer fabric. I knew that trying to hem it would ruin it so I decided to fold it double.
Here is what I did.

 Cut a skirt strip 7 1/2" wide and cut it down to 30" long.

 If you think beforehand you should be able to fit the yoke on the piece you cut off the skirt strip. I trimmed the selvedges and made it a fraction too narrow.
 I had to cut into the main piece.
Cut one yoke from sheer.

 Cut one yoke from homespun or regular cotton to match the sheer.

 Fold the skirt in half and pin. Stitch two gathering rows leaving long tails at each end.
 Put the yokes wrong sides together and pin.
Overlock them together.
 Fold over 1/2" and press.
Stitch close to the overlocking.
 Flip it over and stitch close to the fold to make the casing.

 Put a pin in the centre of the skirt and pull up the gathering to about 6 1/2" each side of the pin.
Place the skirt and yoke right sides together and pin at each end and in the centre. Adjust the threads to fit. Tie off the ends and adjust the gathers. Add more pins.

 Stitch the seam then overlock the seam allowance.
 Press the seam up and top stitch the yoke, close to the seam.
 Insert 10 1/2" of 1/4" elastic with a safety pin.
 Stitch the centre back seam.
Overlock it, leaving 1/2" thread tails at each end.
Press the seam to one side. Tuck the thread tails in and stitch across the seam along each casing row and at the hem edge to hold the tails and keep the seam flat.

You can download a Pictorial Tutorial of this free design along with a yoke pattern piece. This little skirt makes a great addition to any wardrobe collection.

Happy Sewing,