Saturday, September 10, 2016

Doll Style: An A-Line Skirt

It has been a while since I posted a free pattern. This cute A-line Skirt is available on my Facebook page only.

It was quite a design challenge to get her little bottom to fit in neatly without any tricky design elements like darts or extra panels.

Here is the end result. I guess it is not really the end, because there are still some possibilities to be explored with this simple pattern. I will be making some over the next few weeks while I also work on a request. I will post updates of the request design progress on Facebook.

The sailor suit doesn't need to be old fashioned.

Short and sweet

A longer length for travel comfort.

Neat waistband. Closes in the back with velcro.
The denim look is so versatile.
Look out for posts about how to add a box pleat and how to do a seam and placket in the back and how to add pocket features.

Box pleat in the front.
You will have to visit my Facebook page to get the pattern. While you are there I hope you decide to like my page and also share the skirt pattern with your Facebook friends.

Happy Sewing,