Friday, March 27, 2015

Outfits with the new trousers and shorts

My latest pattern is flat front pull-on trousers and shorts - Snugfit Martha.
There are so many cute outfits you can make with them. These first three are made with 1412 Snugfit Martha and 1406 Snugfit Elaine.

The top blouse here is 1402 Snugfit Anna. The Short sleeve blouse is 1406 Snugfit Elaine

The western blouse is 1402 Snugfit Anna again and the crop top is 1501 Knitfit Lucy

This blouse is 1406 Snugfit Elaine again and a skivvy from 1501 Knitfit Lucy. The tote bags are part of 1401 Doll Tote

Five of these outfits are made with the same two patterns. I hope you can start to see what my vision is for my pattern business. I want my patterns to be used as templates for unlimited numbers of outfits. 1412 Snugfit Martha Flat Front Pull-ons provides you with lots of different lengths so you don't have to experiment for the look you want. You also get lots of design ideas to start you off.
I know they don't have working front pockets and they are not skinny but they are easy to make and easy to put on the doll. I am working on designs with the front pockets and different leg styles but I wanted to publish a good basic design first.

If you are wondering how they look on the doll...

You can find 1412 Snugfit Martha and 1406 Snugfit Elaine on Craftsy and Etsy.

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