Saturday, March 7, 2015

Snugfit Martha Doll Pull-on Pants almost done and Free Doll Stationery

I have decided that I won't try to finish the instructions for Snugfit Martha before I go away. I don't want to rush it and I don't want to make it a chore. After a week visiting my mum with only my phone for contact to the outside world I will come back and publish the pattern.

I just can't help myself as I make the patterns. I keep thinking of new ways to use the pattern. I had to stop at 5 variations this time though I have got a plain pair of slightly longer long pants on the cutting table. My first sample looks fine but is a 1/2" short for long pants. I have included the short longs and the long longs in the pattern.

So, after the play shorts and the play shorts with cuffs and the knee shorts I have the capri pants and the short longs to show off. The totes I have used as props are made from my Applique Tote Pattern. One of my first patterns and still in the old format so still at $1.50 US at the moment.

Since deciding to put off the shorts publication I have just been playing on the computer. I have made some doll school notebooks. You can download these for free from my Craftsy Shop. If you are not already signed up with Craftsy please go through my affiliate link on the top right - the photography class banner. It is still free for you to sign up but I get a small commission for bringing new members.

Happy Sewing and Paper Crafting,