Monday, June 22, 2015

Cute Add-on Bibs for the Round Neck Dress

1804a Snugfit Add-on Bibs provides another dimension to 1804 Snugfit carol Dress. My pattern system of interchangeable pieces lets you create many different designs from just a few patterns. While making the pattern testers for the bibs I used the collar from 1804 also the long sleeve cut off at the placket dots to make a short elastic sleeve. From 1810 I used the sleeve band to put on the sleeve from view 1 of 1806. To make the peplum top I used my full circle skirt pattern, soon to be published. You get the idea.

Now, I have followed links to free tutorials or free patterns only to find that you need to buy a pattern to make the design. I published this pattern yesterday and today I decided I had to include the dress bodice pieces at least, so you can make a complete dress, all be it sleeveless and collarless, using just 1804a.

If you want the full instructions to make a dress with or without a lined bodice including the sleeve patterns and the collar patterns you can't go too wrong with 1804 Snugfit Carol. The sleeves on this green dress come from 1810.

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Happy Sewing,