Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Filing Your Patterns

When I just had one pattern and even two patterns it didn't really matter what I called my folders or what went where. Now I have 7 patterns and I knew I just had to come up with a consistent filing system.
There are lots of different files created when I work on a design.
Each folder for a design I always name as pattern number, category, name. For example

1402 Snugfit Anna
1414 Knitfit Lucy

Inside each folder I have the same set of sub folders. So if I want to see the page I am working on for the instructions I look up: png file - Instructions - Landscape and pick a page.
The A4 files are retired but I still keep them while I have space.
Sometimes I am working on more than one design so I realised I needed to include the pattern number in the page name.

If I want to put a photo in the instructions I file it like this:

I hope to make iBooks instructions for my patterns as well so I figured it would be easier just to make iBook galleries of every step the first time round instead of having to sew something again because I only has a few photos.

If your eyes aren't quite glazing over yet I have a suggestion for filing your downloaded doll clothes patterns. It is probably better to file them under designer rather than try to decide what a particular outfit should be filed under such as skirt or blouse etc. You could make some divisions like that in each designer folder.

It is worthwhile having a think about filing. I made notes and revisions over a week or so as I used the files and found the best way to sort them out. I may have to click through 5 folders but I know exactly where to lay my hand on something.

I think the old saying 'A stitch in time saves 9' is very appropriate for filing :)