Monday, January 20, 2020

Pattern Designing: from pencil and paper to Illustrator

valspierssews doll clothes patterns
This is where I spend a lot of time. I can scoot my chair between the sewing machine,
overlocker, desk and computer.

If you want to draft lots of patterns quickly and easily you need a computer program.
If you are a keen designer of doll clothes for yourself it is easy to use paper and pencil and you don't have to learn how to navigate that drawing program.

If you have a growing doll clothes pattern business then you may have something in between the latest version of the best designing program and a drawing program not really made for drafting patterns.
This is where I am at the beginning of 2020.

I started my designing business using paper and pencil, then I scanned in the drawings and made them into a PDF file to put on what used to be Craftsy. My instructions were done in Apple Pages as paragraphs with some images between. The Applique Tote was the first pattern I published. It is not in the shop now but I have it on my one day list to revamp and republish.

I moved onto using a drawing program called Fireworks to draw pattern pieces for a while. I knew about Adobe Illustrator but I didn't really want to learn a whole new program. It is quite draining on the brain learning something so new. So I stuck with fireworks for a while. My drawing got a little better. This little skirt is also one of my first designs. Once again , it is not in the shops but is on my one day list.

A few years ago we bought ourselves a cutting machine that worked with svg files and this inspired me to start getting my head around Illustrator. Fortunately I had an older version on my computer that was part of the Adobe suite I got when I was a teacher. By this stage it wasn't possible to buy Illustrator outright. It is a subscription model now and $20USD a month is just a bit out of my comfort zone at present.

Also I am not too keen to rush into the latest illustrator because it is quite different from my little old version and I will have to allocate quite a lot of time getting up to speed.

It has taken me 3 years to get to this point. I am quite proud of my efforts to improve my drawing and my layout design for the instructions. I am now including the doll in lots of my drawings and I even had a go at adding some scenery.

It takes me hours to create these diagrams even now that I have lots of experience but I just love the way they look. While I am working I can hear the birds and see them when they go in the bird bath and I can step out the back to rest my eyes. I love working hard but I love to rest hard too.

I will go into more detail about how I actually draft pattern pieces in my next post about "Business works"

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