Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fashion File 2

It is so exciting to see my idea of mixing around the pattern pieces starting to come together as I create more patterns.
In this latest Fashion File I have concentrated on making different garments from just the one pattern - Snugfit Wanda. I did mix the Wanda sleeves with the Anna bodice and now that I have Snugfit Carol Dress in the range there are more collars and sleeves to swap around.

With the Snugfit Wanda Costume pattern for $1.50 USD you get the witch costume made up of a short skirt, pointed peplum bodice, witch's britches pointed tu tu and a felt hat pattern. You also get the long skirt and tu tu instructions.

Then you can make the princess design made up of the short sleeves from the sleeve design and instructions for a chiffon tu tu.

But that is not all. I have included some bonus pattern pieces that only required some slight line changes. You get the bonus Empire waist bodice pieces and a bonus peplum with a straight edge. These bonus pieces allow for a number of extra variations.

Regency Dress

Day Dress

Party Dress

Yoke Waisted Skirt

I have provided some basic instructions to make the extra variations in Free Fashion File 2.

The instructions in the Fashion File are pretty scant but there are photos and measurements for doing the ruffles and trims and getting the skirt length just right.

The tie belt on the pink dress is a 1" x 20" strip with a rolled hem along both sides done on the overlocker. I thought this was an easy way to make some hair ties too. It would be simple to make them into head bands so you didn't have to keep tying them up. I like the little bow look.

I put an extra piece of velcro closure on the peplum to hold the skirt in place better. So three on the bodice and one on the peplum.

Twice I have made the neck ruffle now and twice it has turned out narrower than I wanted. The ruffle in the picture was made from a 1" strip. I haven't made the ruffle with the 1 1/4" strip yet but I will try it our on a Christmas dress I think.

When I made the skirt I sewed it all together before putting on the velcro and buttons. When I make a denim one I will be putting the velcro on before joining up the yoke. The buttons will have to go on last because they will probably get in the way when you try to sew the skirt on.

All this from one pattern purchase. You can spend the money you save on special fabric.

If you have any problems with any of the instructions just leave a comment.

My next patterns are a versatile vest and an open neck blouse. The samples are looking so cute.