Sunday, August 7, 2016

New Pattern - The Everyday Shirt for 18" Dolls


I so love the shirt look with a collar and stand and button bands. I also love to be able to get the look without too much fiddly sewing. I picked up a pair of jeans to put on the doll and realised they were for the 20" doll pattern 2013 but I really like the relaxed fit.

My latest pattern is an easier version of the Boyfriend Shirt and I call it the Everyday Shirt.

It has a one piece collar and stand that is so easy to sew.
It has a slight gather at the wrists instead of pleats.
It has a nicely finished placket in an under seam. I figured if I was going to the trouble of putting on a cute collar I wanted the placket to be hemmed nicely.

One Piece Collar

Gathered wrist

The Button Band works with fabric that doesn't have an obvious wrong side.
Turn the facing to the inside for a smooth finish.
Make perfect shirt tails using the template

I have already made a nice white version of the Boyfriend Shirt so this time I made a pink gingham shirt and a plaid shirt.

The Boyfriend Shirt is $3.00 USD but the Everyday shirt is a bit of a spin off so I have made it only $2.50 USD.
I'm sure some of you wonder at the great price but I have worked out that if I sold the pattern to a magazine I would be paid a maximum of $500 AUD. This means I have to sell 200 patterns to clear this amount. Since my customers are not limited to walk-ins and I have a huge potential for on-line sales I am very comfortable with my prices and you get quality patterns at a very reasonable price.

My skills are improving over time and I am tempted to design a Couture Collection with a high end price tag to match. At least $10 USD or maybe more. I love the idea of designing high fashion garments in doll size. It is such fun to plan big.

Anyway, back to the Everyday Shirt.
You can now find it in my Etsy Shop and it will be coming soon to Craftsy, Craftumi (AUD) and Makerist (EUR).

Happy Sewing,