Sunday, March 19, 2017

Progress Report: Lots on my desk this month

Before I visited mum earlier this month I took stock so I could put it out of my mind for a week.
I have lots of projects in various stages.

I am redoing the sailor dress I had published without instructions. The no instructions was just an experiment. I won't be publishing any more patterns without instructions. I love this sailor dress so it will be up again soon.

I am working on adjusting the yoke for the skirt so it can be put on a blouse like a school blouse design. At the same time I am trying out some new collars on the round neck dress design.

I always have some inspirational quotes on my desk.

This one is a sample for the 20" dress pattern in the same design as the 18" dress pattern I just published.

Here are the pattern pieces to do another t-shirt sample before I publish the skirt and t-shirt outfit.

Here I have the beginning of my fabric choices for the wardrobe PDF book I am working on. The colours will be mainly pink, brown and blue.

In between sewing and designing I like to colour in. I found this picture to print out on a garden web page.
Botanical Interests

These pieces are cut from an old handbag. I hope to make some doll handbags from them.

These baby doll dresses use The 18" Dress design but I am making them to fit the Baby Born® doll. Just one more sample before I can publish it.

The last few days I have been working on an A-line pinny for the 20" doll. It just has to have the instructions finished off before I publish it. I hope to do the same design for the 18" doll soon.
I made a few minor updates to the instructions for the skivvy from 1801 and 2001 when I made the top to go under the pinny. If you have the pattern you can convo through the invoice on Etsy. Craftsy customers get it automatically.

I haven't forgotten the requests I have received for the witch outfit and the little black dress and the Breakfast at Tiffany's dress and more skirts. It is such fun working on all these designs.

Happy Sewing,