Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Progress on Flounces and Circle Skirts

The beauty of working for myself on a hobby business I can change the deadlines on a whim. At first I wanted to finish off the last photos and instructions for Snugfit Donna Versatile Vest but for some reason I started wanting to make things.
I transferred the vest necklines to Snugfit Anna Blouse and Snugfit Carol Dress because I wanted to make a V-neck dress but somehow that idea morphed into a v-neck blouse with a flared neck flounce. I got busy making up a pattern for the flounce. I had a picture in my mind of how it was done for a blouse I made for myself. It was a sort of spiral.

I wanted it to fall softly so I chose a printed chiffon style fabric. When I made up the flounce it didn't look how I wanted it to but sometimes you just need to finish the sample before making judgements.

It didn't flounce enough and the stay stitching I put in gathered it all up. I also decided the v-neck didn't come down quite low enough.
I wanted the sleeves to look soft and floppy so I made them 1/4" longer. It looks OK but the sleeves probably need a flouncy cuff.

At this point I decided that I needed a nice skirt and since circles were the shape of the day I made a circle skirt pattern and a circle flounce pattern. I love using maths and measurements and rulers so making the circles was very satisfying.

So now I have made a great navy skirt to go with this blouse but this blouse design is probably not going to make it onto the shelf so to speak. I want to test out my circle flounces and flouncy cuffs and lower the v-neck a bit. To save me having to make another skirt straight away I need to find some fabric that goes with the navy.

I have a box of fabric leftovers from things I have made for myself over the years as well as some nice fashion fabrics in my stash. I don't think quilting cotton is going to sit right.

I was really excited when the circle skirt fit exactly on the waistband and I started to wonder what patterns for circle skirts are already out there, because it seemed to work quite easily. Surprisingly there isn't very much, so I am going to keep working on it to make up some variations. I may publish it with a dress I have been working on that has a half circle skirt. If the flounces work I will add them in as well.

This is how she looks tonight. Very grown up. Maybe going to the theatre or somewhere nice for dinner.