Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Drop Shoulder and Knit Designs Well Underway.

I have been taking a break from the classic dolly designs to play with some more modern designs. I found the plans for a drop shoulder dress with a different coloured yoke.

This is my second test. The first one didn't have the sleeve length quite right.  From looking at this one, the sleeves are perfect but I have drawn the side seams in a fraction to make it fit more snuggly around the waist. I haven't made the final dress yet.
This is the guide I used. I have been collecting lots of people fashions and drafting ideas on Pinterest.

I got side tracked thinking it would make a great knit t-shirt. Well, actually I was keen to make a cowl neckline for it. I had a drafting guide picture from Pinterest for that as well.

The red dress was my first dress test. I draw up the pattern pieces on loose leaf lined paper. They are just firm enough to trace around when I want to make changes and thin enough so I can trace through the paper for inside lines. The top was my first go at the cowl neck.

It looks great with a tank top underneath. I have tried a higher cowl neck but no matter how soft the fabric is it doesn't hang like a human size cowl. I took out a lot of the ease so the knit stretched around the doll and fit snuggly. It is still just done up with velcro in the back.
I can't wait to make a dress with this neckline out of some slinky knit fabric that I have.

Next I drew the seam lines much wider to suit a bulky knit to make a sweater type top. I used some test fabric thinking it would be too dark to look good but it turned out really nice with the white skivvy underneath.

I haven't even named this design yet. I am tentatively calling it 1501 because it might be the first pattern I publish in the new year. I hope to get the open neck blouse or maybe the skivvy out before the end of the year but I will just see how I go.

Now I am playing with raglan sleeves! I have just got the coverlocker set up to do the hems and neck band for a raglan t-shirt.

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