Sunday, January 11, 2015

Market Bag Tutorial

Doll size things look so cute. Jessica has managed to get in some shopping for her favourite things. Looks like she has a new teapot in that box.

For more mundane items she has her canvas tote to take to the markets.

Cut out a paper rectangle 6" x 4 1/2"

Start with 2 rectangles of heavy fabric or 4 rectangles of lighter fabric. If using 4 rectangles, overlock each pair wrong sides together along one long side.

Fold over 1/2" for the top facing and stitch only the centre part that will go under the handles. About 1 1/2" from each side.

Stitch the centre bottom seam.

Cut a length of twill tape 30" for the handles or cut a strip 2" wide and 28" long. Double fold it for the handles. The wider twill handles are spaced 1 1/2" apart. The narrower handles are spaced 1" apart.
Allow 5" for the handle above the bag top.

For the narrow handles allow 4" for the handle above the bag top.

Stitch up and down the twill handles making little squares at the top of the bag. Stitch all around the folded handles to secure all the way around.

Open out the top facing and pin the side seams.

Turn down the facing and finish stitching it.

Cut a little notch out of the bottom corners.

Then bag the corners. Place pins where the distance to sew is 1 1/2".

No need to trim the corners. Turn the bag right side out and stitch close to the fold on each upright edge and the two long bottom edges.


I will be incorporating this pattern and tutorial into my next Doll Design. Snugfit Elaine - Open Neck Blouse will be out soon. Why not follow me on Craftsy so you won't miss any of my patterns. They are not free but they are worth every cent. $1.50 US is the going price for all my patterns.

I was using the dress bodice so I took out the whole envelope and made sure they went straight back in. Because I have the folder divider page in place in my folder it is easy to put the pattern away in the right place again.

The envelope has space to make notes on the back. I have been playing with my neckline variations ( a soon to be published add-on) to make a v-neck dress so I have made a note on the back that the v-neck pattern piece in in there too. A pattern envelope to make and a folder divider page come with each of my patterns.

Happy Sewing,