Monday, January 26, 2015

Classic Skivvy Pattern

I so love working with knits. Doll clothes look so good made in knit fabrics because they drape so nicely.

My latest pattern is for light weight knits and is the beginning of my Knitfit Collection for light weight knits. I have decided to give each of my collections a different number.
1400's is the Snugfit Collection
1500's is the Knitfit Collection for light weight knits

I have the Loosefit Collection coming out soon as well as a Knitfit Collection for bulky knits and I have two new underwear patterns ready to go as part of my new Doll Design Mini Collection. I have called it mini because the instructions are 99% text with one or two photos for the really tricky bits and I have not included lots of variations as I do with my regular patterns.

Here is my latest design. The Classic Skivvy. Almost a collection all by itself with skivvy, t-shirt, crop top and singlet.

Here are screen shots of the some of the pages

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