Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valentine's Elbow Patches

I was taken by the fashion pin I found of a jumper with hearts for elbow patches and really wanted to do that for my doll. As with so many things these days someone had already done it but it is still a good idea, so I included the little heart shape and placement in my Knitfit Lucy Classic Skivvy pattern.

I used some regular woven fabric in pink for my hearts. Trace two hearts onto fusible applique paper and cut out a rectangle around them. Iron this onto the back of the pink fabric then cut out around the hearts.
Let it cool then carefully peel off the hearts. To position them I held the fabric and pattern piece up to the window and put the fabric heart over the outline that I could see through the sleeve fabric. Iron the hearts in place.

Have you used your edge stitch foot lately?
My overlocker is threaded with black and I just didn't feel like swapping to the cream so I tried out my edge stitch foot on my sewing machine and it worked a treat. The little finger that the zig zag stitch goes over, stops the edge of the fabric being pulled in by the stitches. I used my regular tension with a 5mm zig zag and my regular 2.5mm stitch length.

After stitching the shoulder seams put on the neck band. I used the singlet neck band for this jumper. I forgot that the t-shirt back and front I used has a higher neck line than the singlet and I should have cut 1/2" off the neck band length to make the neck fit a bit snugger.

I cut my sleeves an extra 1/8" longer, left off the cuff and turned up 3/8" hem. I zig zag my hems 1/4" from the fold.
When you put in the sleeves make sure you get them right and left so the hearts go in the right place. The heart is placed closer to the back of the sleeve.

After trying it on the doll a few times I decided to make it a bit shorter and put on some lace edging.
This knit fabric did not hem too well. It stretched a bit and looks a bit loose around the hem. I will have to work on a design that is tight fitting. I have a plan for a fashion skivvy with a few different variations. A tight fitting option will be one of them.

I have plenty of time to play around with my computer as well as sewing. I imported the final photos into Fireworks and erased the background. (I hope to have a studio set up for green screen photos soon). Jessica is now at Binna Burra for a short break :)

Happy Sewing,