Monday, May 11, 2015

Doll clothes Lab Coat Pattern Fashion File no.8

Lots of sewing happening. I decided to work on another fashion file. This time it is a variation on 1806 Snugfit Elaine Open Neck Blouse.

The blouse pattern is perfect for designing coats and jackets with just a little bit of imagination. Since I first designed it I have wanted to make a lab coat.

When you make jackets and coats you have to allow extra ease so you can put them over light clothing. Enlarging the blouse pattern to 102% is perfect for a fairly light coat like the lab coat. If you want to use more wooly fabrics I suggest enlarging to 104%. Still use a 1/4" seam allowance and maybe reduce the width of the facing a little bit.

Fashion Files are free tutorials to help you get even more from your purchased patterns.

It is easy to extend the length of the shirt to make the coat. Just a couple of straight lines.

The sleeves needed a 1/2" hem but you can cut that back if you like.

I played around to get the pockets in the right place. I had to put them on after I made the coat so I could get them right but you can put them on first if you like. Same with the tabs. Just make sure you measure from the seam line not the raw edge.

You can download the instructions as a PDF for free from Sign up for my free resources and my newsletter.  The lab coat is made from 1806 Open Neck Blouse that I sell on and Etsy and at GST free for my Australian and NZ customers.

I am also busy preparing my patterns for the Australian Girl Doll. She looks so cute in her new long sleeved shirt from pattern 2006 and her jeans from pattern 2013. I am just waiting on a new batch of velcro to keep making samples. That is also why there are no buttons on the front of the lab coat.

Happy Doll Dressmaking,