Saturday, March 19, 2016

February Successes and Goals for March

The March list is finally on the board!

I can't believe I haven't completed any of my goals for February. Well I can really.
I had a bit of a break down with my daily planning and to do list. I didn't write it up. I know why I didn't get my list of goals done but I am not too concerned.

I did have a lovely time making and sewing lots of new designs and I bought some new fabric collections for new wardrobe capsules.

I am a bit behind with the monthly posting of my goals but I haven't given up hope. I have started back with the daily to do list and I am trying to concentrate on some housework goals and habits.

In the bit of March I have left I hope to get a few things done.
  • Publish 2 more patterns. The 8 gore skirt and the denim jacket for the Australian Girl Doll. 
  • Add another gallery picture with an outfit made from my patterns.
  • Add the hankie skirt to my free patterns.
  • List 2 more clothes packages on Etsy. As fast as I sell them I add more samples to the pile.
  • Cut out 4 more groups of elements for the applique quilt.
  • Steam the floors.
  • Interact with 10 of my bloggy friends blogs.
  • Pin twenty new links rather than just repinning.
  • Read one more e-book
  • Finish listening to one audio book
The only way I am going to get these things done is if I write them into my paper journal. So that is what I am going to do now.

Happy Sewing,