Monday, March 21, 2016

New - Doll Clothes Pattern for a Complete Outfit

I have had so much fun making this outfit.
I saw a photo of a model dressed in these very trendy cropped flares and a long sleeve knit top that had those ridiculous too long sleeves young people seem to be able to wear and I knew I just had to create that look for the doll.

The outfit consists of the cropped flares, the knit top, a scarf and a hand bag. I have kept the price down because I used my basic patterns to create the look.

If you have a flare for designing things I have been building my pattern stock with lots of basic patterns such as the pull-on pants I used as the sloper for the cropped flares and the classic knit tops pattern that I used to make the knit top with just a few adjustments to the sleeves and neckline.

Not everyone wants to draft patterns so I have put this outfit together for my shop.

I love creating and I hope to create a few more I'm 17 outfits in the near future. I also want to make some I'm 7 and I'm 12 outfits too. There are so many possibilities.

I used black denim for the pants and grey knit for the top but blue denim cropped flares are also popular with cream or white tops, t-shirts and tank tops.

The hand bag is designed for fabric that doesn't fray. I have discovered the amazing properties of scuba knit fabric. It is fairly expensive but so easy to sew and looks fabulous.

The studs for the bag handles I bought from CHSupply on Etsy
I have bought a few things from this shop. The service is good.

The scarf is just the right length and width to complement the outfit. She could also wear it as a hair ribbon. You could make an infinity scarf instead, using the free pattern on my Free Patterns page.

You can find the outfit pattern bundle on Craftsy or Etsy. Just $5.50USD

Happy Sewing,