Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mix & Match Doll Clothes: Creating a Wardrobe Capsule Part 4

This last part shows how I made some simple changes to basic patterns to create new designs.

I have not finished with making wardrobe capsules. I am still exploring their possibilities. There will be more posts about my designing adventures.

I am busy preparing a publication that includes all the information in the Capsule 1 series plus a lot more on choosing the right colours for different complections. I hope to get it finished in a month or so. It is just a part of my sewing hobby life so I can't give exact dates but look out for it to download in the near future.

I am always looking for ways to make new designs from my existing patterns. The changes I made for some of the Spring Capsule garments were not very great.

The sleeveless blouse I made using 1806 by finishing the raw edge of the the armhole with a bias binding.

The cardigan was a bit more of a variation on the turtleneck pattern 1801 because I cut a v-neck and I cut the front open.

The gathered skirt is one of my free patterns. You can download it here or go and have a look at my free patterns page.

The pull on pants and the tank top were just the same as the patterns. 1813 and 1801

Download instructions for making the bias armhole facing and the cardigan.

See my Free Patterns Page  and my Fashion Files Page for more ideas.

Happy Sewing,