Sunday, May 1, 2016

An Australian Girl Doll Clothes Shirt pattern


I have been struggling to get the denim jacket finished for the Australian Girl Doll. The amount of time it takes to sew up makes multiple test garments very tedious. Hopefully the changes I made to the neckline and the sleeves will be the last. I can't see me publishing the jacket until at least the end of May.

The good news is I have been working on the 20" version of the collar and stand boyfriend shirt along side the 18" shirt so they will both be ready to publish soon. I am off to visit mum again next week so I am going to leave the publishing until I come back middle of May. I don't want to rush it through before I go away.

The shirt is such a cute thing on the doll with all the 'real detail'.
I even put button holes on this one and I will be publishing a post on how to get those pesky little button holes just right.

I debuted the 18" shirt on Facebook. It had contrasting button bands and cuffs. This one for the Australian Girl Doll is made from a man's flannie shirt I bought from Big W for $10.
It has one piece front and facings that I folded to the inside.

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Happy Sewing,