Friday, February 3, 2017

Summer and Winter Pyjamas Patterns are Published

I have at last got both the 18" doll pyjamas and the 20" doll pyjamas published on Etsy.

I have put a lot of work into these patterns. There are lots of variations and the design is easy to make. It even looks great as a dress or top.

If you buy the two patterns combined you get 4 different sleeves and 4 different lengths, 4 pants options and front or back openings.
The back neck is hemmed but you could fully line it if you needed to.

The two sizes are specially tailored to fit 18" American Girl dolls and 20" Australian Girl dolls so the sleeve and hem lengths are right for each doll.

You get the usual Pictorial Tutorial for printing out as well as links to some photo tutorials on my blog that show how to put lace on and how to put the elastic on the sleeves and panties.

The pattern pieces are drawn on the computer and are full sized and ready to print. Store you pattern pieces in the envelope you put together using the last two pages in the file. The second page is perfect for using as file folder title or divider page. The first page has some coloured photos and links to my blog and Facebook. There is no need to print this out just start from page 2.

Divider page

Just to make the links a bit more accessible I have included Q codes for the links within the Pictorial Tutorial and on the back of the envelope so you can scan them with an iPad to go to the blog post.

Back of envelope

You can download a free Q code scanner from the App Store. Once you scan the code you just click past the add and go to the website.

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Happy Sewing,