Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Making Doll Clothes

valspierssews doll clothes pattern

I have done lots of computer work over the last few weeks and decided it was time to sew some outfits.

I started off with the idea to make a 3/4 sleeve T and ended up trying a few new things. I have had a flounce pattern hanging around for a while. I made a cute skirt with it a long tome ago. This time I have put it on the sleeves of the top. It is all art of experimenting. I think I will make a new flounce pattern with a two circle spiral to get a different look. My original is just a circle with a hole in the middle. It is a perfect fit for joining 2 across a front or 3 around a v neck or 4 all around a top.

The neckline is cut out just at the shoulders, not at the front, so it looks a bit wider than round. Very easy to do. I just folded it at the shoulder seam and trimmed a bit off.

I wanted to make a new vest and skirt and few other garments from the different views in 1805 to celebrate the updated pattern printable.

  • I have added the shading for the right side of the fabric in the diagrams. 
  • I have spaced it out a bit more and enlarged the heading to make it easier to read. 
  • I have enlarged the pattern envelope so you can fit an A5 booklet in it. 
  • I have divided the pattern into 2 files - one for the pattern pieces and extras to be printed at 100% and one for the Pictorial Instructions so they can be printed either as A4/US Letter or as a booklet to be folded in half and stored in the envelope.

Booklet, Envelope and Filing Divider page

To make a booklet all you have to do is open the Pictorial file in Adobe Reader, choose booklet and print. Most printers print double sided these days so it is really easy. Use two or three staples close to the fold to hold it all together.

You can buy 1805 in my Etsy shop for my basic pattern price.

Happy Sewing,