Friday, March 1, 2019

Gathered skirts are perfect for dolls: Part 1 - Inspiration Overload!

Gathered skirts are easy to make and don't have to be plain or boring. Here I describe some of the exciting styles that you can quickly make for your doll without a pattern

Just a few styles for you to get started with are:

  1. The rectangle with a fold over elastic casing
  2. The rectangle with a sewn on casing.
This petticoat has the top tier with a fold over casing. I just overlocked the top edge and folded the casing over. This one has a centre back seam that makes threading the elastic and finishing really easy.

This skirt has a sewn on waist band that matches the skirt.

I also love this one with the contrast waist band.

3. The sewn on casing opens the door to other styles like ones with pockets built in. 

4. You can have the casing as one long piece or give it side seams to fit in sashes that tie in front or in back. You can have a fitted waist band or an elastic waist band.

5. Ones with panels in the skirt are great for adding pockets that just sew right into the seams.

6. Try ones with panels in the casing so you can have the sash starting in from the side seams. Make the tie narrow and cross it over at the back and tie in the front

Any of the styles can have:

  • Growth pleats in the skirt for decoration

  • A contrast band sewn to the bottom either single with a hem or folded and double

  • or contrast binding sewn to the hem edge
  • or a ruffle of any width to make a tier or a border

  • What about knit fabrics and ribbing for a waist band. You can have narrow ribbing or wide so it folds over like yoga pants waistbands. You can have a tight skirt or a gathered skirt.

  • Then there are endless embellishment ideas. I will have to leave them for another post I think. You can see some great ideas for braids, bows and applique in the examples I have already included.

All of these designs can be easily made into doll clothes skirts. You can see more inspiration on my Gathered Skirts Board. You can make skirts with shaped waist bands or belts and belt loops. I love the ones with the top of the casing made to show as a feature.

In Part 2 I look at how you can determine the waist band for different dolls, what elastic width and length is most suitable and what length sashes and belts work best. Also, how to make belt loops.

In Part 3 I show you how to make some of the different styles.

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