Friday, August 7, 2015

A New Pattern for my Valspierssews Knitfit Collection

1820 Knitfit Penny Bulky Knit Sweater

I have really enjoyed designing this one and making the various views. Tiny jumpers just look so cute.

I have a few things on the go now. The sports shorts will be one view in 1822 Snugfit Rita Fancy Short Pants and I have a drop shoulder t-shirt and sweater pattern ready for making samples.

As usual, Knitfit Penny has an envelope pattern to make up and a folder divider page. All the pieces are vector drawn and labelled clearly. The front bodice always has a sizing square and I have included a chapter on printing out your patterns.

I am always happy to provide customer service. Just drop me a line.
I have set my price well below other designs because I wasn't prepared to buy patterns from $4 to $9. I thought $2 or $3 was fair for a digital product so that is where I have priced my patterns.

Visit my Etsy shop or my Craftsy shop for great fitting patterns for American Girl Doll and some for the 20" Australian Girl Doll.

Happy Sewing,