Sunday, June 19, 2016

How to Sew Doll Clothes - Curved Hems

A perfect curved hem

I am a big fan of the overlocker. I find it indispensable for all sorts of sewing projects except quilting and patchwork.

On my samples I don't even change the overlocker thread to match.
You hardly see it anyway.

If you don't want the overlocker finish inside your skirt then you can try this more labour intensive method.

I read about this method for sewing curved hems for people clothes and thought it would do nicely for flared doll clothes with just a bit of scaling down.

Before you cut out your garment you will need to make sure you have a hem allowance of about 3/4".

I stitched on the waist band. Now I am ready for the hem.

Once you get to the hem step:

  • Stitch around the hem edge 3/8" in from the raw edge with a regular sewing stitch.

  • Press the edge to the inside along the stitching line. Work around with the point of the iron.

  • Stitch again 1/8" from the folded edge.

  • Carefully trim away the raw edge close to the stitching. Slide the scissors behind the fabric. It is easier to do this with the garment on a table. Put some tension on the trimmed off strip with your left hand.

  • Fold the hem over again keeping it as narrow as possible.

  • Stitch the hem.

This method works great with quilting cotton. It will probably work with more difficult fabrics too.

This skater skirt is part of my 2 skirt pattern called Hankie Skirt and Skater Skirt. 
You can find it on Etsy and Craftsy.

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