Monday, June 6, 2016

Published: 1833 Boy Friend Shirt

Doll Clothes
The Boy Friend Shirt

What a cute pattern this is even if I say so myself.

Great detail with a separate collar and stand and a proper shirt sleeve placket. Just follow the step by step instructions in the Pictorial Tutorial and the placket is a snap. You can also use the Photo Tutorial for extra insight into the placket. There is a link on the Title page.

Play the little movie to see what is included in the pattern file.

I recommend nothing heavier than quilting cotton for the shirt but if you want to try something thicker you should enlarge the pattern to 102%.

I have priced this one at $3.00 US because it was quite tricky to draft but I will be publishing 2 more versions. One will be the Everyday Shirt with a single piece collar and a more simple placket. The other will be a Fashion Shirt with that classy fold to cover the buttons and big bishop sleeves. These will both be $2.50 US and the pieces can all be interchanged depending on the details you want.
2033 for the Australian Girl Doll is not far behind.

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